The Managed Portfolio Service is our flagship investment proposition; launched in 2012 the portfolios are over five years old and have an enviable track record. The service was set up to address a key challenge which many advisory forms still struggle with namely how to deliver a consistent investment process to our clients whilst at the same time being able to tailor the risk/return characteristics of recommendations to their individual needs.

The service consists of a series of risk-targeted portfolios which blend together a mix of different asset classes (UK and Overseas Equities, Bonds, Property, Alternatives and Cash) and funds from a wide range of fund managers. The portfolios are made up mainly of actively managed funds but where it makes sense to do so, index funds are also employed. Each portfolio has defined target risk characteristics and is benchmarked against a suitable investment sector to ensure risk and return characteristics can be monitored. The mix of assets and funds in each portfolio is decided upon taking into account its intended risk/return characteristics.

Following the success of the actively invested portfolios over their first five years, in 2017 a limited range of “Index” based portfolios were introduced to provide additional investment options for our clients. These portfolios aim to replicate as closely as possible the investment process for the active portfolios but, use index tracking funds as their core investment vehicles.

The portfolios are constructed with the assistance of a third party actuarial model which aims to establish the optimum blend of assets for a given risk profile by running simulations based on assumed future rates of investment return. These models are then populated with funds from our investment panel which is a shortlist compiled from funds across the whole of the market.

Portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis from an asset allocation, and investment funds point of view. We will actively swap out under performing funds and seek to identify those funds which in our view offer the best prospects for future returns. As part of the quarterly review each portfolio is also measured from a risk/return point of view against the model and benchmark to ensure they continue to meet their objectives.

Following each quarterly review, all of our clients who invest in the service will receive an email advising them of any changes that we recommend. As this is a wholly advisory service, clients must reply to ensure the changes are implemented. Each quarter, regardless of whether any other changes are to be made, we recommend clients rebalance their portfolios back to the model asset/fund allocation. This process ensures the portfolio’s risk and return characteristics don’t drift over time as a result of investment performance issues.

The aim of the portfolios is to bring together some of the very best investment funds to deliver superior returns for our clients in the long term. Because we offer a range of portfolios, they are suitable for clients with a wide range of risk appetite and should that change over time, it is a simple process to switch between them. It is important to note however that these are “fully invested” portfolios and are likely to remain that way. This means that whilst quarterly reviews of the portfolios will take place, it is highly unlikely that we will make significant changes to the asset mix of the portfolios and are very unlikely indeed to raise cash levels with the portfolios to anything other than a very modest level even in times of market turmoil/distress. In such circumstances, if clients do not want exposure to markets, they can switch some or all of their portfolio into cash or other assets on an individual basis.

The Managed Portfolio Service can be used through a wide range of investment wrappers and including SIPPs and SSAS, ISAs and Investment Fund portfolios and via a wide range of investment platforms.

We post regular updates on our active portfolios and these can be accessed by clicking on the relevant portfolio below. Similar information in relation to the index based portfolios will be published once they have established a track record.

Portfolio 3 – Low Risk

Portfolio 4 – Lowest Medium Risk

Portfolio 5 – Low Medium Risk

Portfolio 6 – High Medium Risk

Portfolio 7 – Highest Medium Risk

The fact sheets, which can be accessed through the links above, show information about each portfolio including how it is invested and its performance. It is important to note that this information relates to the core portfolio and assumes all switch and rebalance recommendations are accepted and implemented each quarter. The performance data for the portfolio and any benchmark used do not take into account product or advisory fees and the actual returns clients will see may differ from those shown. Additional fact sheets covering specific time periods and for the index portfolios are available if you contact your adviser or the client support team.

Please note, past performance and risk data is not a guide to the future and the value of investments can go down as well as up. An investor may not get back the sum originally invested even if they invest for the long term.